Thomas M. O'Key

When I think of all of the words earnestly put to print, I gasp! I stall just short of sure realization, and I wonder..... are these, here, yet, just more words?  Sovereign little boatloads of crap?  Oh well... I don't care!

In believing equating's that would say Oscar Wilde was free like the wind; Mark Twain, experienced as the adventurous sage; Ben Franklin, my mentor in spirit of the printed word, a comforting light in the dark mystery of hope and reason of why and how; and me, an unsure, blest goof, I stumble along... TMO


By me...........

By others.......

Loosing track of why I save these words......


"Just because you know what you're saying, doesn't mean you know what you're talking about."
tmo 5/10/19

"I know God exists, because beer exists"... Benjamin Franklin
"It serves us well to remember the past, for in remiss we are, ourselves, forgotten."
TMO 8-3-2014
Faith is glue that sticks magic to reality.
tmo 4-28-15
"I'm only gray on the outside"
TMO 2/20/14
"The World isn't changed so much by those who stand and step forward, but, rather, by those who refuse to step back and stand down." tmo January 4. 2015

For the benefit of everyone... Now and forever!
Haiku for our environment...

Stand here,  beside me.
In cool shade tree's pleasantries
Butterflies whisper... tmo 1-10-18
As we watch our Planet die by our own hand... slapping the children we turn loose to the doom of our blinded morals and abhorrent greed for the air that is not ours to breathe....


"To think outside a box creates a box"
TMO 1/28/2014
On Martin Luther King Day, 2014, I posted on fb:

Learn to teach: Peace! Kindness! Repair! Forgiveness! Sustainability! Citizenship! Ecology! Economy! Care! Understanding! Wellness! Tolerance! Hope! Empathy! Patience! Honesty! Integrity! Compassion! Politeness! Healthiness! Humility! Humor
! Temperance! Resilience! Perseverance! Courage! Respect! Generosity! Awareness! Justice! Benevolence! Commitment! Freedom! Fairness! Honor! and above all.... Love! 
Thanks to all profits of Peace!


On July 4 of 2016, I wrote about this Bell...

"Once upon a time, I was allowed to touch this Bell. The force held within that moment electrified every cell in my imagination; and with that, I took the Liberty to be Me!

Unexpectedly, a greater and much more powerful force rang sounds within me of a stronger and deeper truth; a Freedom, to let You be You!"

July 4, 2016 tmo

On the event of Pete's death January 26, 2014..... I posted on fb

Thinking about Pete Seeger.......

"I will never let the flowers go! I swear I will fight against ticky-tacky! I do have a hammer and will use it endlessly! We will, I will, we must, overcome! I like Rye Whiskey that has kisses sweeter than wine! I will stand against what's blowin' in the wind and try to light one candle! I know my seasons will turn, because they must, and when my day is done, I will remember how he, somehow, moved me more than I realized!"

A Christmas Toast -

Here's to all the great people, 
Who defend Our dear Earth! 
Who will stand and protect Her, knowing We must! 
And, build a better World, of which history will boast and Children will learn! 
And the Cosmos will laugh with Joy! Then, Toast Us, in return! 

December 23, 2013
When I wrote this, it seemed self-bloated to claim it as my own, since it was inspired by an artist who was, at that time, sharing his own sentiments about a couple of friends he had just lost. I didn't want to be an artist, at that moment, but I am now,,,,

Perhaps, the Cosmos has "gained" in ways,

we're not supposed to know?

Perhaps, our time will come some day, 

restore lost joy, some say it's so.

Perhaps, it's well to hope and pray,

till then, for now, we'll never know. ..

Perhaps, in time once more we'll play

warm sunny fields where flowers grow.. 



How can we "Imagine All Of The People"..
without, Envisioning All Of Our Humanity? tmo


I had to watch daybreak. I needed to know for sure that it would; that it could. And, as the light of day shines clarity on to this fuzzy memory of my dream gone wild, I am awake, am I not?
November 9, 2016 after the election of our new democracy....

In the rain of change;

One evening, several years ago, I stood amidst my small grove of Creosote bushes. Dusk was trading sunset for a waxing, gibbous, Moon when I suddenly realized how deeply I was breathing. The scent of wet Desert after an hour of warm, gentle rain, can trigger this reaction, and breathing deeply becomes impulsive and irresistible. Especially, when the breeze calms to stillness and the air becomes thick with humidity. This widely recognized phenomenon is known to many, who cannot, ever, forget moments of this shared experience.

It was then and there that I imagined I heard a speechless, whispering, ancient language, speaking impressively as being wise, true, and imploringly desperate. I felt a beckoning allure, as though I'd been hypnotically intoxicated by the vapors, I had inhaled.

My life had thus been, forever, remolded. I believe I might have become partly “plant”, in my psyche; injected with an awareness of something lost, long ago, to humanity, as we had chosen, instead, to inhale the noxious fumes of light polluted urban asphalt, rather than the fragrant peace of rainy day forest wonders. tmo, 12/6/16


"When people find themselves in the same sinking boat, everyone becomes best friends or worst enemies." TMO
Early December 2013


People don't like the truth. Even when it matters most. It's like telling children not to play with matches. The reality of this truth, is found in the sadness of truth's ashes.
tmo 2-26-17


It's funny about how words can be.

Words can replace our need for eyes.

Words can stab deep wounds into our minds.

And then, words can feel like a warm blanket that comforts our soul.



"We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars."...Oscar Wilde


A smile is the gift wrapping on a box surely filled with laughter".... TMO

"Duty should be driven by honor, and honor should be guided by respect".  TMO


 "Get over yourself! Cemeteries are full of indispensable people."



"When the wind blows hard, find shelter. You can't stop the wind".... TMO

"Truth can be bitter freedom, but it is true freedom" ... TMO 1-14-16  


"Well done is better than well said"..... Benjamin Franklin


"The burden of hate is carried by all and all will pay its toll..... From deep inside the hearts of men, one must attest one's soul...." TMO 5-6-13


"The cause of America is in great measure the cause of all mankind"..... Thomas Paine


"Your epitaph, alone, is only of your making." TMO


"Being born wasn't my choice, but my epitaph is!"  TMO

"When in doubt, or not, ask for forgiveness, first." TMO
"The proper office of a friend is to side with you when you are in the wrong. Nearly anybody will side with you when you are in the right"..... Mark Twain , notebook 1898
"Acquaintances are to the sea but waves in varieties set by wind and happenstanse.
Friendship is to the sea like the tide, set by forces of time and regularity.
But, true friendship is to the sea like a rugged shoreline set to endure against the erosion purposed by both." TMO 

"Sometimes, when given as a gift, a book can say more that the text does" tmo 3/16/17


Secrets can be profound.... "The most profound thing I ever did was something that only I knew I did it. It was so profound that I shared it with nobody but me, and so, you will never know just how profound it was!"
tmo 3-19-17


Oddly, people don't like truth. Like telling children not to play with fire, the facts of truth lays in the ashes...
tmo 2-26-17


Education is where beginnings begin...
tmo 2-27-17


from Valentine's Day, 2016

While I reach for a goodness I cannot touch, and wonder how to make truth embraceable, I stumble. The reflection of my experience fails to illuminate my path. Passing moments slide beyond remembrance and I grasp but straws of hope for redemption of my ignorance, my willingness to fight. With that, my arrogance melts to dust as time's eternal ticking leaves me behind. All that remains is the love I knew and dearly hold to like a bit of floating wood on the infinite abyss of the Cosmic Ocean. My heart, once and always, not unlike anyone's, real. And, tomorrow..... I trust -prayer.....


For the love of Love, the light of love must shine on darkness.. tmo 2-14-16

"Silence can often say so much more, than words can often have so such privilege"........ TMO
"We are what we make of ourselves. If you want to be all you can be, don't join the army! Be the army!" Sept. 24 2015 tmo
"No man is rich enough to buy back his past" Oscar Wilde
"It seems that history often tells of the rise of men, most who's achieved fame and wealth was at the expense and downfall of someone else.
I guess that means I may find neither fame nor wealth."
"It's funny to realize that the hardest part of completing a task comes after you've passed the half way point in it's execution. It's like when Winter starts. Just when the days begin to get longer and closer to summer, they seem colder and harder to endure." TMO
"Even intelligent guys bump their heads on stupid things.
Stupid guys, however, bump their heads on everything" TMO
"If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, be careful... it could be a decoy!" TMO
"The fate of "knowing" is that there is always a test coming from "new knowledge". Some will liberate, some will substantiate, and some will castigate.
Liberate = You were right and the idea supports another idea.
Substantiate = Your were right and nothing changes.
Castigate = You wish you had kept your darn mouth shut."
(while pondering neutrino's traveling faster than the speed of light)
" The public have an insatiable curiosity to know everything, except what is worth knowing.." Oscar Wilde
"Regret is, at best, something that might fix what happens next" TMO
"There are always surprises in everything..... even people.... TMO
For Haseeb,
a distant friend inspiring the spirit of thoughtful expression....

"Divinity within, and without us.....
Honor, before and after us.....
Humility in realization.....
Wisdom in understanding.....
Love; expresses life's truest dream, in us.....
A gift bestowed freely by the Universe, with earnest hope for goodness...."
On fb I wrote; 7/7/15 in response to religion and its influence on freedom and politics,

"Stop tax exemptions for churches and tax deductions for church donations! They have enough money to buy heaven and enough time to sell hell!" tmo

I wish upon the stars above, that wishes could wish upon the stars above.....
tmo 12/14/16


As I reach for stars, I pray for longer arms....

tmo - oct. 10, 2016



Another moment rests its duty,

past chores, around achievement and repair,

beyond recovery, or bother.

Time drives onward. 

Reflections eat faded apple pie and warm muffins revived from day old baked goods, muted urges to dance keep radios quiet, though, ballroom memories crease wrinkles of smiles forged in joy.

Another moment moves past the last, time drilling along, words kindly acting honorably, reverently, joyfully; new day's hazy sunrise awakening amiable goals.

Contrition beckons allowance and grace and penance promised, again, reflecting fate's might; notably, as learned behavior knows. 

To the blessing of another moment to hear another note of flute or songbird singing. 

To see hazy sunrise and eat apple pie. To hear words of honor and another kindness and to dance another on the ballroom floor.

Gratefully, to dance. ..

Tmo 12/23/2016

I had to watch daybreak. I needed to know for sure that it would; that it could. And, as the light of day shines clarity on to this fuzzy memory of my dream gone wild, I am awake, am I not? tmo 11/9/16
Government has proven itself disappointing and untrustworthy, as of late.....
But, what else is new? tmo, 11/20/16
I think that Carl Sagan would be much disappointed in Donald Trump... tmo, 11/20/16
We really have so little time to spend on this side of dirt, despite our druthers...
The other side, well, there's no waiting. tmo 11/15/16
It's a chorp created by the religious fanatics around our Planet, spreading their crap..... that I was driven to write this on fb
"In the mirror of our conceit, we see only the truth within ourselves. Eyes turned inward, deaf to cries. Our paths, laid with golden cobbles, follows our Sun, our Stars, our Heaven, our Way, our Path.
Truth is Lost in trust of mirrors. Lost in our conceit. Lost on paths of golden cobbles. The Sun is not ours, neither the Stars, and, Heaven is imaginary.
Throw down the mirror!" tmo  January 8, 2015

Missing my dogs.
Missing my dogs. 
Dogs never give us the time we need with them. Time seems so very short and passes so quickly. Dogs become family and that brings a love that lasts forever. I wish we never had to say goodbye. I'm sure dogs feel the same way about this, but they live their lives in dog years and that is that. Dogs, though, seem to know that they live on with us, deep in our thoughts and spirit. This is something we should learn from dogs. My dogs are always with me. All I need to do is call them, and they come to me in my tears. tmo

 some time in 2013? tmo

From a moment encounter with a wild Coyote on the boundary of Joshua Tree National Park, this popped out..... posted to my fb page, as usual... 

As I pretend, reality happens....

Tonight, as sunset softened into mid twilight, Coyote stood just beyond my truck as I dropped the chain gate to my Parkland, in Joshua Tree.
He halted my steps and I spoke to him. He watched me stand, still as well, as he allowed me to examine his boldness and strength. His sideways stance perched with a wariness offering quick choice of direction in flight of fear and reaction to uncertainty.
I asked him, "What are you doing, Coyote? Why are you standing so close and so still? 
Only a blink of his eyes responded. His bushy tail and sleek mane gleamed groomed as set for an evening outing, the bachelor on the town.
I thought, he would come close if I beckoned him. My acquaintance meeting friendship,
perhaps, I wondered?
Then, in an instant I knew, we cannot be friends. I knew I would mislead his trust, as I do not represent all men, and all men cannot be trusted.
We parted company as I sorely reminded him of someone I am not.
He looked back, eyes sad with head lower now, and I knew, he had hoped for more.

Tonight, October 3, 2016 in Joshua Tree- tmo

Seems "Saving the Planet" isn't the issue. It's an excuse! A catchphrase that sweetens the idea that Humanity will survive in harmony with blatant cruelty, greed and selfishness. Mother nature won't miss anyone.... Time is at her discretion... We, on the other hand, are free to our own disposal.....
tmo 5-3-14

After learning news of Robin William's suicide I wrote this on my fb page.

It's our fault, you know. Most will never accept the accusation, but it's true. We, all, are the reason and the result. All, wrapped into one tight little ball.

Those who agree are few, and weak and short lived. Unable to bring the lighted lamp to the brightness required, so all can see. Then, those with eyes turned inward, gazing at glistening self, deaf to the cries.
We let it be and cower. Whispered, muttered, grunting, worthless, words. Sounds without a moving molecular moment. 
We feed the rivers flow of blood, of tears, of forgotten thought and deeds. Eyes turned inward. Deaf to cries.
It's our fault, you see. 
Thinking of Robin.



POEMS........Poetry.......Ideas and thoughts

 Shortly after awakening from surgery for a perforated diverticula, and having beaten extreme odds of surviving the painful and dreadful experience, two things were new loves in my life..... Oddly, and unexpectedly, one was opera and the other was poetry. With that I found my recovery underway, and enlightened by the soothing realization that came from both.... My first poem was to Sarah Brightman, for the healing sounds that came from her music.



Strong wing of song soars through soul's sky,

soft sounds of peace sets man's repose.

Sweet voice in temporal chambers fly,

sings words of love and calm breeze blows.

Hearts stir at notes from fires blaze,

immortal fields hold life's true rose.

Warm chants abound in spirits gaze,

a flower from God's garden grows.

January, 2002






GOD, Oh my dear God,


while thinking of Louise
february 2012 tmo



In dark serene
of Desert's night,
when sun sets low
and stars shine bright,
our peace filled souls
finds heaven's might,
hope bathes life's mind
trust's blinded sight.
faith gives lit way
love's beacon's light.
truth shows safe path
to that good night,
no need to know,
no need to fight,
In dark serene
of Desert's night

2011, November
Song 2

Sing again that song
That happenstance one
When happiness happened
When my stomach was full
When my eyes set at half mast
That song we all sing in our minds
Again and again and again
In our old haunting memories
Like the day that Mary married
And the black dressed pastor danced
With winestained teeth
And worn out shoes
So all could be happy and full
When all went peacefully into tomorrow
To be better and better and better
To sing better again that song
Sing again that song
Sing for me
That happenstance one
The one that made us laugh
That made you smile
When words tossed about
Like dry leaves shuffling in fall breezes
Into the air just above the scratchy asphalt
Hissing in scratchy singing sounds
Say the words that speak
Whispered swishing thoughts
Sing again that song
That made us laugh
That made you smile
That happenstance one
When happiness happened
tmo 12-16
MLK 2015

Another year and not -

a glimpse of hope for peace? 

A different day the same way. 

Memorable, really.

the thoughtful idea.

A waste, tears -

in this emptiness ... tmo jan 2015
--------- Unseen...
Who Art Thou? Shadow in plastic fog? In darkness, in hiding? Deep, in cold dirt never born, never was, never did, dream?

tmo June 2015



On falling stars, we wish we’d find,
that promise sought on Moonless night; Life’s heart’s true hope, for peace of mind, and soothing warmth, from tranquil light; Brings words of love, in poets song, from skies so dark, so far away; The grace of life, lived well, lived long, We pray small prayers for grateful day; So dream as stars fall through dark night, as streaking flares mark life’s fair trust; In fiery blaze, from heavenly might, We are ashes of stars, and bright stars of dust; Deep in dark sky, beyond all of our dreams, a minstrel sings loud, life’s theatrical show; And the mystery of why, and what it all means, In solemn regard, we shall never know. TMO December 2011


In Joshua Tree In Joshua Tree…. a place with hope,
Where time is held… encapsulated immortal, To know this place… have peace,
Have space… immortally traced, A soul embraced…. a body stands,
For time immortal…. a hope for place, The reasoning peace… held by time,

In time of space…. Traced place immortal, With peace of place…. in time with hope,

Where immortal is time…. In Joshua Tree.

2011, December

Dinner for one

Two plates on the table

Empty and still.

Steam rises because the ground is cold 

Critical potatoes scorn the cheese, butter cannot lubricate the conversation. 

Blessed was grace.

A dove flew by the window,

A road runner watched intently,

Hungry for dinner. 

sometime 2015 tmo
Vision of the mirage.....

In dry desert dirt lives words without hope
no vision within them
til water evokes
temptation... to drink of the source of life
betrays the meaning of being
restlessly hungry for redemption's
meaningless journey to salvation's edge.
Tempts all, releases none,'
master or servant,
all, alone.....

2011, November


Can you hear it? That soft and gentle sound,

a whispering voice and beckon to turn and see...

Heard by those who know, and those who've found,

"The Desert's song"......  it sings to me.

Through harsh and fierce clambers ring,

the Desert calls to me,

and tells a story, though heard by few,

o' how our lives should be.

Tis time flies by, so quickly by,

no time to hear? No chance to see?

The desert's song will pass you by,

no peace for you shall be.

A quiet peace and joy is found,

the Desert calls to thee,

and tells a story, in hopes we hear,

o' how our lives should be.

To all it sings soft gentle sounds,

of words of love of peace for thee.

In whispering voice of hopeful sounds,

it sings for you, and it sings for me.


2011, September



Have you seen'em? The sweet Desert flowers.

Small and bright in yellow and blue.

I can sit and enjoy'em for hours,

Like the bees and the butterflies,

cause they love'em, too.


2006, summer


The following was written for a famous science fiction writer who passed away on November 21, 2011, Anne McCaffrey

With thoughts of riding Dragons

She, I knew not
nor I, She knew
with written line
the futures faced
with another thought
and knowing true
death's stealing crime
love's saving grace
the words She brought
and time gone through
in another time
in time and space
in peace so sought
a sadness grew
this glass of wine
and other place
we draw our lot
life soon renewed
of fate found fine
with golden lace
the time we've got
our days so few
with heaven's sign
good God's embrace
our fate is brought
to bring what's new
of our lord divine
this relentless race
the lessons taught
in missing you

TMO Nov, 2011

wasted words

Facing dank fog's foul breath,

Reaching for words...

Blood drips from my fingers.

My blood, running quickly, along.


Tears wash my wounds.

Thinning thick clots -

Frozen to solid crimson ice - untouchable thought -

reaching and feeling and searching.


Then, more, red hot blood - melts solid bergs of hope,

Only to freeze again and again and again,

in epiphany of dreams. 

Blind in blizzard's torrents rage,

of night's unknown, unreachable seethe -

Evil ills bite my ears.

Sounds within the freezing fog -

are heard - not understood, not real.

Blood, drips from my bitten tongue,

frozen in bergs of crimson ice,
 again and again, and again -

Leashed to immovable post....

tmo   April 2015



MY Silly PHYSICS OF THE UNIVERSE- Some ideas about stuff? 
I often think of the way stuff works and at times, why. Mostly how, but when it gets to the leading edge of knowing how, why remains questionable. So, I don't really care to say I know why. I might, however, say a lot about how.....
This most recent thought comes from a story that said "Gravity Waves" have been detected by a shadowy hint in remnant interference waves that may have been made when inflation was deemed a force in creating the Universe. Very likely so, but not completely, probably? I made the statement on Facebook in response to a conversation about the JPL posting sited here.

Tom O'Key commented on his own link.
My guess: inflation fills the void with a charged interactive field that immediately manifests fundamental quark particles that establish a support structure for gravitational conductivity. Thus the gravity wave and polarized aspects of it as seen now. Mass is derived as space-time opens and kinematic reactions form protons that instantly evolve inverse charges in simultaneously creating electrons and half brother photons that then derive and establish entanglement which opens real time establishing entropy leaving matter structures reacting together in relatively that look like us...maybe?




The following thought is one that seemed logical to me. If there is someone who can explain my errors I would be very interested. TMO

The Candle Paradox

by T.M.O.

Imagine a candle is lit and put in the middle of a large, dark, clear, area. You can easily see the candle at a reasonable distance.

A measurement of the visible energy being seen at that point is made. The value is documented and stored.  

Then, moving to another vantage point, some distance from the first, the candle is, again, observed. As the viewer moves to this point, the candle can be seen without interruption until the second observation point is reached where another measurement of the visible energy is made. This value is documented and, again, stored.  

Now, comes the assumptions.

If the laws of mathematics hold true, simple deduction says that the two points of observation being documented form a relationship that creates a line that stretches between them. In mathematics, it is stated that between any two points, a line can be formed, and on any given line between two points, is another point, and so on. 

Therefore, if a point of observation is always between any other two points of observation, then, there must be infinite points of observation along the line that is formed between the two original points where the visible energy was measured, documented and stored. This is known to be true because the view of the candle was uninterrupted while the viewer moved from the first point of observation to the second point of observation. The viewer sees the candle continuously as he moves to the second point.

If, at any point of possible observation, along the line formed as the viewer moved between the two documented points of observation, then the number of possible points along the line where energy can be measured, documented and stored must be infinite.

If the number of possible points of observation, along the line of observation formed by the viewer, is infinite, and, at each point of observation a measurement of the visible energy can be documented and stored, then the sum of the measured energy of each possible point of observation must be infinite!

Theory of causation.... Cause and effect 

Does the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principal explain the reason for this to be possible? Heisenberg's idea forms a concept that says that the ability to measure both position and magnitude of a point of interest at the same time was impossible because the act of measuring the object caused it to be moved from the original position or that the magnitude would change by the act of measuring it. Also, the idea that the photons coming from the candle are subject to other rules that make them share an existence as both being a particle and a wave, simultaneously. Is the famous, "wave particle duality" perception the mechanical foundation of this concept? It would explain a lot if these principles prove true.

Also, is the preservation of momentum a requirement of the flame, so as to limit it's influence on the balance of matter to energy transformation by fire. At about one electron volt, the candle's flame burns; and by so doing, it goes through one of the simplest evolutionary, mechanical processes. A process where destruction and change create building blocks for other possible forms of existence. A candle burned and consumed is no longer a candle. The transformation turns it into part of something else.

This realization suggests that the real world is plastic in the sense that the fluidity of existence is coupled to space time in a precipitous rendering of observation and realization. If Heisenberg was wrong, the possible energy from a single candle would prove infinite and, perhaps, consume the universe. At least, as we observe it. The limiting of the energy of the candle is necessary, and is limited by the need to allow the kinetic energy of momentum to reveal a place where matter can exist and act together in an envelope of space time.

The separate experiences of preservation of momentum, and the kinetics of momentum, limits the rigidity of matter and cause it to be plastic. Otherwise, the kinetic momentum "in" matter would move faster than the speed of light, and this is a limiting factor in precipitated matter to energy to matter conversions and equivalents. The atomic energy of a candle is equitable in other terms that are obvious from the realization of exploding nuclear interactions in more energetic displays of sub-atomic energies. Stars, the "bomb" and black hole theory, etc. are examples that have been observed and realized.

Since all matter in the universe appears to be plastic, movement is allowed. This range of motion seems to be limited by the boundaries of space time and the balance and harmony between all of the matter and energy in the perceivable universe. Current observations show that the balance is so critical that only a tiny difference in the perceivable forces is required to have a completely different universe than we know and observe, today.

The predictable future of the universe is something that might be understood by understanding the mechanics of smaller, more tangible, observable objects. A candle seems simple enough. When thought of as in the "Candle Paradox", there seems to be more than one might have realized. Does it harbor some insight of such possible predictions as where we come from and where we are going?

If there is anything that seems sure about the nature of the universe is that change is at the heart of it's desire. Only constant and unlimited change is where the manifestation of beings like ourselves could precipitate. We are lucky that the candle transforms and renders the materials that become something else, as it seems all matter can, and eventually will.

The odds that beings like ourselves could precipitate from the given matter and energy of the universe is so small that the reason must be significant. Evaluation of this idea is mind boggling! Surely, life must be abundant in the universe and given a place for the manifestation to occur, it probably will. Space time seems to allow the opportunity to let matter have this property.

Intelligence, on the other hand, is a different and much more complicated situation. This is where real time probably becomes relevant and important. Our real time spent intelligently is short and needs to be directed without waste. There is no time to waste! The universe is far too dangerous to allow intelligence the comfort of enough time to relax and ignore the opportunity to understand the essence of existence. The candle burns slow enough to give us the metaphore of the tools of capability. A recent ability in the timeline of intelligent existance.

Momentum appears to be acted upon by the forces of realization and observation, which seem to potentially effect and direct the universe, itself. Time, itself, seems tied to momentum in inescapable ways that allow matter to have substance and direction. We, truly, share this time and direction, together. Our moment in Time? Our momentum in Space Time?  


 As realization is, arguably, the pinnacle where one might say, "matter is trying to understand, itself," then, are we the manifestation of a complex realization? Is this where the real questions about the universe resides. Why? How? Who? When? Where? It sounds like a newsman getting the story..........

Perhaps, we are newsmen, relentlessly chasing a never ending story? Maybe, it will be something as simple as candle light to show us the answers?





When I began to meditate on the ideas that Einstein brought to enlightenment, I wondered,"How did a patent clerk without an education come upon such incredible thoughts?"

With this in my mind, subconsciously, I carried with me the churning wonder, and as such, came to think that he churned, as well. By this, I mean he probably cycled the ideas about the abstract form of his thoughts until something clicked. 

Not long ago, though, after four decades of churning, something clicked for me. About Einstein.... I suddenly knew how he did it! How he came up with his idea!

I cannot prove any of this, but, will offer, later, a revelation that came to me and how it ties into this line of understanding.

When you look at his famous equation E = m times c squared, it seems like a simple math problem. Just difficult variables. I then realized that pattern of the math was the same for some other areas of physics. In electricity, the equation for power in an electrical circuit is P = R times I squared, or, power in Watts = resistance times current squared. Then, in mechanics, the equation for kinetic is Ek = .5m times v squared. Here, kinetic energy is equal to half of the mass times the velocity squared.  This translates to the math of momentum and that ties all physics of force systems into the same distillable order of understanding. This includes the quantum relationships that further explain our world. 

Interesting stuff, I thought. Did Einstein simply take existing ideas and apply new concepts to them? If so, it certainly goes to show that the method has merit.

For me, I was wondering about why the speed of light, as currently understood, has the properties it has. While talking about the subject one evening with some friends, I happened to have two green handheld lasers that we use in our astronomy outreach programs. I took both lasers and put them butt to butt. Turning them on simultaneously, I explained the Einsteinian revelation and then I realized, what if the laser beam described a radius of a circle? Both lasers, then, were describing the same circle at the same time! Does this make a difference? Hmmm, I thought? If I had infinite lasers at the same point of origin splayed into a circular array and they all went on at the same time this would also go to show that the area of the circle was filled completely so the area of the circle filled at the speed of light. This would then hold true for the volume of a sphere, as well! So, if we present the thought this way, the idea holds some interesting ideas! It would mean that the circumference of the circle must be defined as infinite  points that are only referenced as points on the lines of radii! Not points of reference on the line of circumference. This, also then would go to include the area of the surface of a sphere and the points describing a sphere's volume. All must be related to the source and nothing else. Then the speed of light will hold true that the circumference of a circle does not develop at the pi times diameter rate when light is the consideration.

Applying this thought to kinetics, it then became interesting to look at a sphere and drop it on the ground and examine the force lines through the exercise.

If a ball is dropped so it bounces on a hard surface, a view of the mechanical affects can be described. Catching the ball in mid rebound and slicing it in half, we would see a circle that shows the hemisphere of the ball's interior. Taking the point of contact where the ball hit the ground and constructing a line that would be in the direction of the ball's travel during it's journey to the ground and back, a diameter is described. Using this line a triangle is then constructed so the height of the triangle intersects with the circumference of the circle thus forming a right triangle. If the dimension of the legs of the triangle we have just made has a given dimension of "1" then the math will make the original line, the diameter, or Hypotenuse,  equal to the square root of two. Or, 1.414 . {The square root of ( 1 squared + 1 squared = 2 )} is 1.414.

Now take the inverse of this value and it becomes .707! For those who know this, .707 is a number that describes the RMS value in force systems. I suddenly realized that the Root Mean Squared relationship of electronics and mechanics resided in the construction of the simple ball! A natural form found everywhere in the universe.  A common  denominator in the construction of everything.

For those with a nice stereo sound system, the RMS power output is known as the working power or where in mechanics, the rubber hits the road. Peak power is the value before being subjected to the multiplication of the .707 multiplier. The same thing holds for where a baseball bat hits a baseball or a helicopter blade displays the centripetal forces it sees in relation to it's true pitching moment of inertia. These all succumb to restrictive natural functions of RMS equating's and trues value of energy. That is why a ball cannot bounce back to a point higher than it started! No matter what!

Now, how does this relate to the speed of light?

Oct. 1 2011
News is coming from Cern that a neutrino may have been observed traveling faster than the speed of light....
For me, I found continued discussion on a message board and then happened to think about another slant on the idea of geometry and quantum physics.
Imagine a beam of light is captured by a black hole. The beam travels straight until it finds itself bent around the event horizon until it forms a circle. With the mathematics of a circle being applied, a dimension of the diameter of the black hole is described and with it the diameter of the circle. Now, a radii is described and the center of the circle is found. So the thought becomes, what would the speed of light be inside the black hole? Since we now have a Pi times D relationship in geometry, do we have a Circumference divided by D relationship for the speed of light? In other words, is the speed of light in a black hole related to the ratio of the circumference to the diameter? This might mean that light could be traveling faster inside the black hole at the rate of Pi? So, Pi times C becomes a realm of dimension 
only found inside a circular "trap" where gravity exceeds the pi times mass of the photon?
(more contemplation will be needed here)
to be continued

On another site related to physics and such, I wrote the following in response to another posting that addressed some of the content in my submission.


Major Theoretical Physics Blogs
Wednesday May 20, 2009
There are a number of blogs that discuss the latest news in science and theoretical physics (many focusing on string theory and the related debate). I'll begin keeping a list of physics blogs in the future, which will continually be added to, but here are some of the preliminary entires.
  • Cosmic Log - This science news blog, by MSNBC science editor Alan Boyle, covers the top science stories.
  • Cosmic Variance - Discover magazine's theoretical physics blog, written by seven or so physicists and astrophysicists.
  • BackRe(Action) - This one is the personal blog of two theoretical physicists, so it covers not only theoretical physics but also more general references about their lives. Self described as "A scientifically minded blog with varying amounts of entertainment, distractions, and every day trivialities."
  • Not Even Wrong - Peter Woit's blog which is skeptical about string theory, frequently presenting the opposing side to recent string theory findings.
  • The Reference Frame - Lubos Motl's intense blog, where he rails against string theory skeptics, women in physics, and various other things he finds offensive, often in language that clearly expresses the offense that he feels. Frequently responds to Woit's blog.
(18) Tom O'Key says:

the following are ramblings of an intuitive goof…..I beg…

It will require a lot of time to contemplate the ideas put forth, here.
Sankara Velayudhan Nandakumar seems to have exhaustive realizations that appear to go beyond most previous encounters in this subject.
The idea and realization that the manifestation of real matter stems from mind based origins is not that far fetched. In fact, it is probably the truth! Given several opportunities to question the odds and chance of several coincidental events and with wonder as to the likelihood that statistically we have beaten a game of extremely great odds, our minds, very well might be building “what’s next?”! The concepts of energy wave convergence and amplification of mind resonant equating’s, are we, potentially, providing the governing factor that is creating our reality. The “NEXT” proof of what we have already built. “We are, therefore, we exist.” (so does a worm, but does he know it?)
Mathematically reckoning the outcomes of the theoretical possibilities will only come after an observable reference can be found that can prove a small part of the total proof. This, based again, on mind energy finding cross referencing implications that make “thought” as real as “matter” is real.
In looking at the universe, as it appears to us, at this time in space time, we are probably unique in the universe, at this time. Since the relative distance between the key points that define our location in the vastness of the limitedly accessible universe, space time will not allow us to imagine beyond these limitations. We will not be able to go through a black hole or even get close to one, ever. We will, only, be able to imagine it, however.
In reassessing Einstein and the implied outcome of his realizations, we will probably find out that the keys to reality will hold to the thought that the things we invented are what we know to be real. This includes these ideas postulated here. There is no getting around it, now.
A suggestion might be that there are still factors that will found to provide the partial proof and set the next line of math in the right direction.
Some things that are outside of the empirical sphere of understanding will, necessarily, be required.
Some basics must find foundations in thoughts like, “if all real matter resolves to photons and photons can be counted, then the universe is finite?” What if dark matter cannot resolve to photons and resolve to (anti-photons?) then will the universe resolve to zero? A null seated anomaly?
Also, as to the limits of mass and acceleration vs. time and momentum, what if it turns out that the mind operates at speeds well above those presently imaginable and the idea of intermodulated tuning of high and low frequency resonance and transcendence. Say, the mind’s energy has a component that goes to the speed of light cubed? How about if the speed of mind equates to the measurement of the universe in cubic volume multiplied by the cube root of the mass of the photon, divided by the equivalent mass gravitational force of the universe equating in a volume over energy to quantum effect remnants of our thought process? All that then remains is what we manifested after the universe was born?
Given the creations that man has accomplished and the foundation of our existence to this point, it seems likely that there will be extreme revelation in recognizing the new horizons of our next steps into our destiny? Should that prove true, perhaps we are, truly, on our way to the edge of the universe?

Respectfully, TO